As defined in WIPO ST.37 Authority File for patent documents, which include patents for inventions, plant patents, design patents, inventors certificates, utility certificates, utility models, patents of addition, inventors certificates of addition, utility certificates of addition, and published applications therefor. Date of the most recent document listed in authority file Describes the filing type of application i.e. PCT, Regional or National PCT Regional National Identification of patent application. Refers to ST.9 INID Code 20. The priority document is attached to the application. Authority File information List of patent documents published by industrial property offices grouped according to their ST.16 kind-of-document codes for a given date range Definition file relates to the associated authority file Data elements to uniquely identify all types of patent documents as originally published by the IP office Backup Category of authority file. Full Incremental Differential Begin number of a range Content Category of authority file. Complete Grouped A detailed (annual) data-coverage can be found online at Total number of documents End number of a range Exception code Data coverage summary by exception cited within a search report is relevant to. IPO specific use of publication exception code definition Exception code description text IPO specific use of publication exception codes Defective publication documents The document was deleted after the publication Publication number allocated by the IPO representing a PCT national/regional phase entry (for example Euro-PCT). No corresponding document published. A Euro-PCT application is an international (PCT) patent application that entered the European regional phase. Published document is missing The use of codes “N” should refer to the IPO definition file Document available only on paper Reissued publication Unknown publication number, for example, when during compilation of the authority file one or a list of publication number(s) has been found in the database, but the corresponding document(s) is(are) missing without known cause. Typically this code can indicatecould be a database error that requires further analysis. The use of codes “W” should refer to the IPO definition file The use of codes “X” should refer to the IPO definition file The date assigned by the Patent Office that identifies when an application meets certain criteria to qualify as having been filed. Refers to ST.9 INID Code 22. Group Category of authority file. Date Publication level Document kind Indicate that an element or part is incorporated by reference in the (international) application Where the earlier application is a regional or international application, an ST.3 code identifying a country party to the Paris Convention or a member of the WTO for which the regional or international application was made and which is indicated in the priority claim. Refers to ST.9 INID Code 34. Describes the type of invention i.e. Design, Utility or Plant Design Utility Plant Data coverage summary by kind code cited within a search report is relevant to. The library-identifier attribute is intended as an identifying code for the library containing priority documents - to be used where offices support the access of the documents from many such libraries. The recommended format of library-identifier should be composed of a WIPO Standard ST.3 code of the operating Office of service or digital library, together with service (or digital library) name (optional) separated by a hyphen to allow for the fact that some Office may operate more than one library. For example, "IB-DAS" for Digital Access Service for Priority Documents run by WIPO. Most recent document information. Where the priority document is made available to the corresponding IPO (e.g., RO or the IB) from a digital library to obtain the priority document from such digital library IPO specific use of kind-of-documents code definition IPO patent document kind code definition IPO specific use of kind-of-documents codes Identification of published patent document. Refers to ST.9 INID Code 10. Priority claim information Applications in which priority is claimed. Refers to ST.9 INID Code 30. Publication date reange cited within a search report is relevant to. Publication Number A collection of publication numbers cited within a search report is relevant to. The receiving office is requested to prepare and transmit to the IB a certified copy of the earlier application