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Filing forms for other procedures

This service should not be used to complete procedures that can be formalised through a specific procedure provided on the e-Office. If so, the procedure filed may be classed as ineffective and deemed invalid.


Please use the Attach Form section to attach the completed form. See forms.


Forms submitted online qualify for an application fee discount.



To file a Form for Other Procedures, proceed as follows:


  1. Enter the information requested in the general form, indicating the specific procedure you wish to file for.
  2. Attach the specific form, duly completed.
  3. Attach all the documents required for each specific procedure.
  4. Sign it with a digital certificate.


Technical requirements

  1. To access the online registration services provided by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, applicants must be in possession of a digital DNI, a certificate issued by the Spanish Royal Mint (FNMT) or another certificate issued in compliance with ITU recommendation X.509.V3 (ISO/IEC 9594-8 of 1997 or later) by a certification service provider which supports advanced electronic signatures and is recognised by the Public Administration (click here for a list of certification service providers recognised by the @firma platform).
  2. To use the electronic signature, you must allow the signature applet to be installed on your PC by the application. The signature applet uses system unit resources to install its libraries, which means you will need to have administrator permissions activated on your PC. The installation manual for the applet is attached.
  3. You must have Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or higher installed.
  4. Disponer del Navegador Internet Explorer versión 11, o Mozilla Firefox versión 37 o 40
  5. La versión de Java, debe estar actualizada. (Importante que sea de 32bit y compatible con el navegador que utilice para realizar el trámite)
  6. Versión de SO Comprobados: Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows 10, “Windows 8, Y Windows 8.1 solo si dispones del TLS 1.2 y es compatible con java” los mismos pueden ser 32 o 64 bits Respectivamente (Recuerde siempre que el navegador y Java que se instale sea de 32 bit).
  7. El General pueden Utilizar SO que sean compatibles con los certificados de seguridad, TLS1.2, y que acepten el Applet de firma de java de 32bit.
  8. Los Documentos anexados al trámite no pueden exceder los 2Mb por archivo, hasta un máximo de 10MB por trámite.
  9. Configuración del Navegador Internet Explorer y Java para Ordenadores con Windows 7 y 10.
  10. Instalación y Configuración del Navegador Firefox v40 y Java para Ordenadores Mac.


To complete the application for filing Forms for Other Procedures at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, proceed as follows:


Open Internet Explorer (version 6, 7, 8 or 9)


  1. Go to the page for filing Forms for Other Procedures. You can access this page through the SPTO e-Office.
  2. Only users identified in possession of a digital DNI, a certificate issued by the Spanish Royal Mint (FNMT) or another certificate issued in compliance with ITU recommendation X.509.V3 (ISO/IEC 9594-8 of 1997 or later) by a certification service provider will be granted access. (See previous section for technical requirements).
  3. Complete all form sections displayed on screen. The fields marked with an asterisk indicate the minimum information required. However, we recommend that you enter all the requested information.
  4. Select the required category from the first drop-down menu: Trademarks/Designs/Other Applications
  5. Select the type of specific procedure you wish to complete from the second drop-down menu: Type: Trademark/Designs/Other Applications
  6. Attach the specific form in DOC, TIFF, PDF or JPG format. Forms are available from the Forms section of the SPTO web page www.oepm.es. Forms do not need to be signed. Use the Attach File button to attach documents.
  7. Attach the original scanned documents associated with the specific procedure, as well as certificates and any other certification documents in DOC, PDF, JPG, TIFF or XSIG format.
  8. Only the following compression types are accepted for documents in TIFF format: pack bits, no compression, CCITT group 3 or CCITT group 4).
  9. Attached files (application + attached documentation) must not exceed 10 MB.
  10. Use the Correct button to edit the form and make changes to the information as required. Do not forget to reattach any documents, otherwise they will be lost in editing mode.
  11. The View Application option will show all the fields entered as highlighted, along with a list of the attached documents. This document, in XML format, is the document that will be signed. It will show all the information we have entered and list the attached documents by their hash reference. The hash reference is a function that is previously applied to each attachment and converted into a code that uniquely identifies them.
  12. The next step is to attach the electronic signature to the application. The first time you send an application form you will need to download the signature applet. See User Support for Installation of the Signature Applet.
  13. Once you have the final version of the application form, click the SIGN button. A window will appear, asking you to select the certificate you wish to use to sign the form.
  14. A second alert will appear indicating the hash reference with which it will be signed. Click accept.
  15. A screen appears with a summary of the registration and the option to obtain a receipt. We recommend you print this receipt, since it serves as proof of the application having been registered correctly.
  16. The receipt is a copy of the application and all of its fields, with a stamp indicating the registration number and the filing date.
  17. You also have the Records Enquiry option, which allows you to browse all of the data entered and download another receipt, using the same digital certificate.
  18. The receipt PDF will state if it has not been possible to verify the signatory's certificate, such as the unknown identity of the signatory or where there are problems with one or more of the signatures, indicating that Acrobat has been unable to connect with the Parent Certification Authority. This does not affect the form filing process.

Technical support

Help with completing forms for other procedures