Digital access service for priority documents

Digital access service for priority documents (PDAS)

This service allows applicants to claim priority over a previous application using a copy of the priority document in a secure World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) database.

Request for deposit of certified copy

Once the application has been filed, the deposit of a certified copy of the utility model or patent document in WIPO's digital library can be requested by submitting form PDAS1 through the eOLF application, using the ES(TSUBS) module for subsequent procedures. If you need to download the application or want more information, click this link:

DAS web portal

Click the following link to access the DAS applicant's web portal. This is a WIPO service. It requires a user account, which gives the applicant access to some maintenance functions for their portfolio of documents deposited in the DAS system:

Log in to DAS web portal

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