Industrial design renewal application


This service allows users to file online applications to renew an industrial design, by simply completing the corresponding online form. To use this service, you must pay the application fee at the time you use the service or have paid the fee online (advance payment). To make the payment, once the electronic form has been completed and when prompted to do so by the application, proceed as follows:


  • For immediate payment, go to the payment gateway and follow the instructions.
  • For fees paid in advance, enter the barcode number of the payment receipt in the field indicated by the application.


The advantages of using this service are that when you file your online application:


  • You will receive a copy of your application stamped by the SPTO, by e-mail. If you do not receive this e-mail, contact the SPTO. DO NOT re-submit the application since this will result in unwanted duplications.
  • You will receive online verification confirming that your application has been submitted correctly and guaranteeing its filing date.
  • You will instantly receive the registration number for your application.
  • You can print your application form once it has been completed.
  • You can save the copy of the submitted application on your PC (as proof of receipt).
  • Online help is available in the form.
  • You will receive a 15% discount on application fees.

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