Opposition to the registration of an industrial design


Follow the steps below to lodge an online opposition to the filing of an industrial design:


  1. Home: the entry point for the procedure, where you can create a new application or load a draft application that has not been completed.
  2. Details of the challenged application and the opponent: Indicate the type and number of the file whose registration you wish to object to, obtain its data (the designs associated with the file will be loaded as well as its status) and enter the data of the objector and any representatives involved.
  3. Opposition data: Use this screen to state the grounds for the opposition and the records or applications on which the opposition is based.
  4. Documentation: In this step, the application allows you to attach the documents needed. These can be both optional and compulsory documents, depending on the options selected in the application. All attachments must be in PDF format and less than 50 MB.
  5. Payment and presentation: In this step you can download a draft of the application to be submitted to review the data. This draft is not an application. A watermark with the word DRAFT is clearly displayed on the PDF document generated. This section also offers the option of electronic filing and displays the corresponding fee, for information, and the online payment options: payment gateway or by electronic prepayment.
  6. Receipt: Once the electronic payment for your application has been successfully processed, you will be taken to the final step in the submission process. The application will now have been submitted to the SPTO and the receipt will have been sent by e-mail to the address on the form. You can download the receipt in PDF format or have it sent to the email address of your choice. The PDF with proof of the application will contain the number of the trademark file, the date, time and code of its receipt by the SPTO and the barcode(s) used for the payment.

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